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The mission of Homewise and Homestart is to help create successful homeowners so that they improve their financial wellbeing and contribute to the vitalities of our communities.

Many of our customers come through our doors doubting their ability to own a home. They may be the first person in their family to try. They may have been told by other lenders that they don’t qualify. They may have fear about the complexities of homeownership and wonder if it is even meant for them.

That is when they discover that Homewise offers a path to homeownership for so many people just like them, people who often believe that this goal is simply out of their reach. Through education, personal support, and affordable common-sense lending, Homewise helps our customers get from a place to live to owning a home. This year, we launched a major effort to expand our work into Albuquerque. Through the HomeLIFT program, a partnership with NeighborWorks America, Wells Fargo and the City of Albuquerque, we are now able to create over 220 new Albuquerque homeowners. One of those homeowners is Lynzie Rowland, a customer featured in this report. I encourage you to read her story, and each of the others, and hear the first hand accounts of what homeownership means in their lives. Their journeys from “house” to “home” illustrate the impact we can have not only on our community as a whole, but on an individual’s quality of life.

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From House to Home...3,000 Homewise Homeowners



Annette Naranjo reached her dream of homeownership and achieved another milestone too. She was the 3,000th person to become a homeowner with Homewise.

Like many people, Annette was tired of paying rent every month for a place that was never going to be hers. As a single mom, it was important to her to establish stability for herself and her two daughters, ages 5 and 18, and have something concrete for them to call “home.”

Annette works long hours at Sam’s Club where she processes customer returns and does quite a bit of heavy lifting. Supporting a family of three means her budget is tight and opportunities for

savings are in short supply. But Annette knew she needed to work on becoming financially ready to buy a home. That’s when she came to Homewise.

With the support of Alice, her Homewise Home Purchase Advisor, Annette worked diligently for just over a year on her financial action plan.

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From House to Home...
A Place to Share

Patrick Lowry knew from the time he was a teenager and first began to taste independence that someday he wanted to own a home of his own.

Learning how to save money and plan for a financially solid future was a big part of his upbringing, and owning a home was an important piece of that plan. From an early age, his parents emphasized financial responsibility and taught Patrick

how to establish good spending and saving habits. When Patrick was ready to buy a home, he was starting the process on solid financial footing and was soon ready to begin searching for the perfect place.

To Patrick, thinking about home brought up fond memories of his family hosting Thanksgiving dinners. Relatives would travel in from all over the country and his dad would cook the turkey. With a family full of musicians, there were plenty of instruments around and the

evening would inevitably end with an impromptu jam session. Patrick wanted to bring that same kind of energy to his own home and make it a place where family and friends could gather to hang out, play music, and spend time together. He wanted to find a place where people would always feel comfortable and welcome.

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From House to Home...
A Garden of Her Own

Lynzie grew up in the North Valley of Albuquerque in a home right off the Rio Grande River. She remembers spending nearly all her time outside, creating adventures among the trees.

To her, home was more than just the house where she and her family lived, it was a place to explore the world from her own backyard.

Lynzie always knew she wanted a home of her own. She’d been renting for several years and was ready to have a place that was truly hers. Yet, there were two obstacles to buying a home. The first was saving money for a down

payment. She didn’t see a way she could save the typical 20% that most lenders require and knew that meant she would have to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Making that extra PMI payment each month was her second big obstacle.

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From House to Home...
A Dream Come True

In 2011, Homewise and CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center established a partnership to help support hospital employees in becoming successful homeowners.

Since that time, over 100 CSVRMC employees have become homeowners through the program. One of the most recent CSVRMC

employees to purchase a home is Rafael Perez. Rafael is a cook in the hospital cafeteria and his wife Petrina is a homemaker. After many years of renting a mobile home, Rafael and Petrina believed that homeownership was simply out of their reach. They lived on a very tight budget and didn’t think they could ever save enough money for a down payment or be able to afford a monthly mortgage payment on a home in Santa Fe. It seemed like a dream that would never come true.

But through the CSVRMC/Homewise partnership, Rafael and Petrina attended classes to learn how to establish and manage a realistic budget that helped them increase their savings and get on a more solid financial path. They also had access to special low down payment financing and extra down payment assistance.

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From House to Home...
Harnessing the Sun

David and Stefanie Sundberg were still settling into the home of their dreams when they decided to “go solar.” They had started a new life together beneath the brilliant blue skies and amid the wide open spaces of Santa Fe a few years earlier, having moved from New England.

After securing jobs in their new hometown, they grew tired of paying ever-increasing rent prices and bought a home through Homewise. Shortly after unpacking boxes, moving in furniture, and making a plan for their two acres of land they now owned, they returned to Homewise for a home-improvement loan to finance their solar project. “Our new home and our property is our haven,” says David. “We love spending

time here. Stefanie loves to decorate, finding bargains at estate sales, and I love working in the yard.” The couple understood the advantages of installing solar photovoltaic, which would reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills dramatically.

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