Orpheum Community Hub

Homewise will soon be relocating to the Orpheum Building at 2nd Street and Coal Avenue as our Albuquerque Homeownership Center and Community Hub. We are currently finishing renovations on the building with a community-centered design that includes a large performance space, community meeting space, gallery space, affordable residential apartments, and our Homewise offices.

Why we chose the Orpheum

In searching for a new building for our Albuquerque office, we placed a high priority on a location that allows us to be present in the heart of the communities we most heavily serve. By making both a physical and financial commitment to this area, we can have a greater impact on individuals through the services we provide, and increase the vitality of the surrounding community. We believe that by purchasing and rehabilitating this one-time landmark, we can restore its former vibrancy as a cultural and economic hub of the area.

The Albuquerque Homeownership Center and Community Hub features a large classroom equipped to hold our Financial Fitness for Life and Homebuyer Education Workshops. This space is open to the community for gallery shows, performances, workshops, and other community events. It will also include Homewise offices to enable us to support our mission of creating successful homeowners.


The Orpheum was built in 1898 and has served as one of New Mexico’s first movie theaters, the Denver Hotel, the Viaduct Garage (an auto repair shop), and more recently, as a performance and studio space with affordable housing catering to the area’s thriving arts community.

The building’s namesake, Orpheus, was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. It is said that his talent was so transformative that his “music and singing could charm the birds, fish and wild beasts, and even coax the trees and rocks into dance.” We see the potential of the Orpheum Community Hub to embody that same kind of transformative power to create new economic opportunity in the heart of Albuquerque.

Venue Reservation

The Orpheum is currently under construction. Please contact Courtney Bell for inquiries at 505-795-0545 or cbell@homewise.org.
Address: 500 2nd St SW #21, Albuquerque, NM 87102